Team Games


Our Team Games are a great activity for any group kind. Whether it is for a company wanting to intergrate divisons, schools merging or a hen or stag party needing to break the ice. Below is a few examples of the challenges we offer.

1.     Rollerball timed challenge

As a team you have use pieces of guttering to get the ball from the start line to the finish through the course. Within this challenge there are various challenges and rules that you have to stick to e.g. if you drop the ball you have to go back to the start and you aren’t allowed to step outside the course. Your challenge is to complete the task in the quickest time possible against your other team.

2.     Calculator challenge

Numbers 1-20 are laid out in mix match order in a squared off area. You challenge is to work as a team to get from the start line, call out all the numbers in order and get back to the finish in the quickest time. Again there are rules such as you can only have one pair of feet on the board at a time.

3.     Product assembly

This one is also a timed challenge against you other team. You have to see which team is the quickest to put the puzzle back together.


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